• As we all know, the concept of club-exclusive clubs was born in England hundreds of years ago and a group of like-minded people thought they should have their own private meeting place. We chose to continue this tradition in Shenzhen and to become China's only clubhouse.
    Shenzhen Bay Yacht Club will provide limited membership to some of the recommended individuals and companies. For members who are fortunate to have membership, the club will be the place of choice for finding like-minded people, making new friends or fostering new business relationships.
    The purpose of the club is to provide a comfortable and sophisticated environment for like-minded business leaders, entrepreneurs and intellectuals. As a limited club only open to members, Shenzhen Bay Yacht Club membership will become an invaluable asset.
    Join to become the most social place in Shenzhen, enjoy a number of privileges, from the guarantee of privacy and like-minded people in society shoulder to shoulder. When your friends and clients visit you they will be shocked by the services you enjoy daily. In addition, we will provide a full range of maritime services if you park a yacht in the clubhouse.

    Reciprocal Yacht Club
    Hong Kong Gold Coast Yacht and Country Club

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