• Shenzhen Yacht Club's life membership is divided into two main types, both personal membership and corporate membership. Personal membership and company membership also has the Duke and Marquis points. Members of the Duke have the right to buy or lease a yacht berth, and Marquis members have the same privileges as Duke members, except that they only have the right to apply to buy or rent a yacht berth. If the "Marquis" member wants to park his or her yacht in the clubhouse, upgrade to the "Duke" member. At the same time members can apply for ancillary cards, nomination of their spouse to adult children.
    When you join the Shenzhen Bay Yacht Club, you not only gain access to club-exclusive membership services, you also become a member of many of the world's leading yacht clubs, golf clubs and business clubs. This privilege will be officially opened when the club opens, and you can invite your friends to your private clubs around the world. And as time goes by, more international elite clubs will be part of your journey.

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